In the meantime I started with the carbs. From the outside they looked unbelievable bad. Some previous owner decided to paint the engine,  including the carbs black with a spray can. All still mounted in the frame I guess.

But from the inside they have been surprisly clean. Anyway I’m replacing all relevant parts. Cleaning them from the outside was pain in the ass. Washed the color off with thinner. They are not looking great now, but way better then before.

Some of the screws decided to stay in the aluminum threads for ever. Especially the m6 ones which are attaching the carbs to the steel rail. Four out of six I had to drill out. Luckily the threads are exactly perpendicular to the surface where the diaphragm is sitting. Therefore I was able to drill the screws carefully out using a drill press. Most of the threads are still fine. On two are the first few mills gone, but this should not be a problem, because there is still plenty of thread left for a reliable connection.

Slowly I’m getting more and more psyched to see the engine running.

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