Valve compressor

So far I’ve only written about home or shop made tools. I really like the idea to use tools to create tools. Gives me somehow the feeling of independence and freedom.

Anyway, now I’d like to write about a tool I bought. When I’m buying tools there is always the question how intense I’m going to use them. First of all I expected tools to last long. Best case a life long. But I figured out that it’s not always necessary to buy the super expensive German brands. They make absolutely sense for commercial use. Heavily used also for a hobbyist. For example I would never buy a cheap wrench. But if it comes to not so universal tools, that I do not need really often, I consider buying something Chinese. That can be really lousy or it can be surprising good.

Which is the fact with the valve compressor I bought. I ordered it somewhere on amazon or ebay (can’t remember) for 20 and something Euro. It comes in an orange plastic box and it works like a charm. The only thing that was really bothering me was the small lever. It simply slipped out of the hole so often. And I was getting pretty tired of picking it up from the floor over and over again. But that was easy to fix. Two m3 screws in birth ends did the job. To my surprise it’s fitting perfectly on the bucket tappets of the old xs cylinder head. With the fact in mind that a valve compressor is a tool I need only for a short period and then I won’t touch it again, maybe for years, I’m very happy, I bought a cheap one which does the job perfectly.

Valve compressor
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