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workbench on wheels – patina


Around three month ago I finished my workbench on wheels. When I made it I decided to oil most of the wooden surfaces. For two reasons: I’m lazy, and I like the touch and feel of wood which is not covert with a layer of resin.

What I’m doing on this workbench most of the time is exactly the opposite of clean. When rebuilding a classic bike you deal all the time with dirty oil, or oily dirt, rust and smut. Of course I clean the workbench form time to time.

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clutch holding tool


I made this little tool, after searching the internet for solutions to get the clutch out of the engine. Not exactly happy with it. I should have used some more of those metal plates. The single one has left some marks in the soft aluminum. When I need to use it again, I’ll screw at least two more of those metal plates on. Or I modify a tube wrench in order to use it with a wheel gun. But when putting it together again, I’ll need the holding tool anyway to use the torque wrench.


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xs750 engine part 2

IMG_9465_01As I mentioned before I bought two bikes to start with. One of them wasn’t running for more then a decade and the other one was pretty much at the end of its life. Anyway the second one was a 1978 build. Which means it has a around ten horse power more. Biggest different is the cylinder head and the carbs. And this engine was running.

So I started to disassemble this engine first. To my surprise the head was not in such a bad condition. At least all the valves are tight. I poured some petrol in the in- and outtakes and nothing went through the valves. That’s a good start. The cylinders didn’t look so bad as well. A bit of the cross grinding was still visible. So I decided to stick at least with the head, the cylinders and the pistons.

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scriber made out of a ballpen


Yesterday I’ve been to a local hardware store – looking for a scriber. I found a fancy one in the shape of a ballpen. Really liked the idea to hide the pointy end in the housing of the ballpen.

But when I went to the checkout, the big queue made me change plans. I thought in the time I would spend in the queue I can build such a thing for free at home.

Today I did (to be honest it was a bit of procrastinating – because I got a hard time to split the housing of the engine of the motorcycle build I’m working on). Took less then 20 minutes including taking the pictures. I think the pictures descripe everything quite well. So I guess there is not much need for more describing words.

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