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more storage

Slowly getting a bit better organized. Somehow it feels like I spend more time with getting the shop done then actually working on the bike.

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baking VHT paint

Using the kitchen oven for baking VHT paint doesn’t sound too healthy to me. So I had to find an other solution. My first thought was to get an adjustable heat gun and warm the pieces up with that. Worked more out less ok with the cylinder, which I painted first. But it took a good while for the cylinder to get warm enough. For the head, which is way bigger and heavier not really a solution.

So I had this idea for a temporary,  cheap,  improvised oven. A small hole in a big enough, but not too big card box and the heat gun should do the job.

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workbench on wheels – patina

Around three month ago I finished my workbench on wheels. When I made it I decided to oil most of the wooden surfaces. For two reasons: I’m lazy, and I like the touch and feel of wood which is not covert with a layer of resin.

What I’m doing on this workbench most of the time is exactly the opposite of clean. When rebuilding a classic bike you deal all the time with dirty oil, or oily dirt, rust and smut. Of course I clean the workbench form time to time.

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