around the handle bar

I’ve put a bit of work in the space around the handle bar. I bought a fancy small speedometer, with analog RPM display, shift flash and basically all the needed control lights included. A small piece of sheet aluminum, which is mounted to the original rubber mounts, is holding the instrument. Of course, in the end I’ll paint it black. The head light is now in position as well. Still wondering, if I should show the shiny upper part of the fork, of if I should cover it with black shrink tube.

It looks quite technical and rough to me. Usually I like that, but here I had the feeling something is missing. After starring at it for a while a rest piece of aluminum fender in the scrap box captured my attention. I thought maybe this could do the trick. It was already a cut, that almost fitted on the head lamp.

So I taped it to the head lamp and looked at it for a while. Somehow I like it. Also because it would be such a simple solution. I got to admit that working with sheet metal is not really my biggest strength. Can be pretty frustrating, to do everything two or three times and then still not being totally satisfied with the result. But like this it just need to be a little shorter. In front view it should be proportion wise about two third of the diameter of the head lamp. Not sure yet if it should line up with the instrument or if it should maybe a little shorter. I should not rush with that.


the drawing, ready to be clued on the aluminium
the almost finished piece
head light and instrument in position


test with a piece of fender as a fairing



around the handle bar
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