my first bike – a Yamaha TZR250

This post is kind of nostalgic. While I was sorting out my stuff after the relocation I found some old photos of my first bike. I really loved it. It was a Yamaha TZR250 2MA. I bought this tiny beast back in 1991. Two stroke, two cylinder straight with 50 HP.

Of course already in the age of 18 I felt the strong need to improve my bike. I fitted a TZ250 rear end on, polished the aluminum frame and tried to save as much weight as possible. Instead of a battery it had a big capacitor, on the track I used an jolly moto exhaust (not on this pictures) and I chopped off everything which was not absolutley necessary. It had a little less then 135 KG including fuel.

And of course I used it in exactly the way it should be used:

my first bike – a Yamaha TZR250
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