some trouble with my home made circular saw

After one and a half year of use my little saw starts to make some trouble. I had the feeling for a while, there is something wrong. While cutting the number of revolutions haven’t been stable anymore. The saw turned slower, then again faster. And maybe it sounded a bit strange. Hard to tell with hearing protection on my ears. It was never really a very quiet tool.

Anyway, two days ago it almost stopped while running in idle. I’m using a very old but very good hand circular saw in this thing. A Mafell KSP 85. I guess it’s from the early ninetieth.

After disassembling the whole thing more or less completely I found the problem. The bearing of the motor rotor died. Luckily it’s a super common standard size. All the other parts seems to be still in a pretty good condition for a more then 20 year old machine. I’ve put a bit of grease in the small gear box and ordered a new SKF bearing.

some trouble with my home made circular saw
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