playing with ergonomics

the handle bar fitted on the bike. The foam protects the paint of the fuel tank.
The handle bar fitted on the bike. The foam protects the paint of the fuel tank.


Finding the right ergonomics can be quite tricky, I figured out. The purpose of the whole thing I’m doing here, is not to create a bike that just looks good in  a showroom or on photos. I gonna ride this thing. So it has got to fit me. That means it has got to look and feel good with me on it.

For several times I started new attempts to find the right ergonomics for me. Straight in the beginning I tried to design good looking proportions with a little higher seating position. Because I’m tall. I thought about clip-ons and rear set foot pegs. I’ve put a pair of Raask foot pegs on, but I was not very happy with it. They feel way to extreme. Too high and too far back. I’d like to have them close to the pivot point of the swing arm. Then I came back to the original position of the foot pegs. By switching the left and the right foot peg they can be moved back by about 80 mills. Then the levers for gear shift and rear break are too far away from the foot pegs. Making them a bit shorter should not be the biggest challenge on this build.

A few weeks ago I bought a for my opinion pretty nice looking handle bar – a Brooks Bar by LSL. First I mounted it in the proper way, but I was not too satisfied with the appearance. It looked too high and disconnected to the bike. An interesting point with this handle bar is, it is moving the position of the hands quite a bit back. That would make even a way lower position for my hands possible, while still being comfortable. I flipped it upside down and it works perfectly. It’s way more comfortable then clip-ons and it looks damn good.

I’m considering the handle bar and the position of it now as fixed. Now the “changing the foot pegs game” can start again.

playing with ergonomics
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