a few more steps

Did a few more steps the last days. Finally I put the cylinder head  back on the engine. Procrastinated quite a bit with that. I was not sure if I took care of the orientation of the piston rings, so I removed the cylinder again and checked all the rings (they where all wrong …). Now the tightener for the drive chain of the cam shaft and the oil pipe which is coming form the crank case is missing. 

But now I can check how it works out with the exhaust, clean the carbs and theoretically I could risk a test run soon. 

I had less luck with the brakes. The rear one is doing fine. At the front one the pump is leaking. Good news is I got an other (hopefully) working pump. Bad news is I don’t have it here in Italy. Got to ask someone to send it over. 

The shiny new head light is here as  well. All LED and street legal. Now I’m trying to find the right Position and build a holder for it. Already got some ideas for it. 

a few more steps
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